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About Lawndale Realty

Buying or selling a home is one of the most exciting, yet stressful experiences in life. In order to get optimal results, it is necessary to align yourself with the right property expert. We have the in-depth knowledge and experience in the property business and can help you find the best property for you or sell your property without much hassle.

  • Since 1998, we are doing good business in Belmont, MA. We practice industry norms and highest standards in dealing with our clients. We get most of our clients through recommendations.

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We provide a full range of services to real estate owners, occupiers or investors. Our services include the following:

Selling property

A successful sale starts with building a strong relationship with the client. We have huge experience in this field. We have designed some defined processes which lets us gain excellent sales results for our clients. We can provide expert advice to showcase and market your property.

Buying property

We have a very rich database of properties that are ready for sale. You can buy properties from our property listings. We only have the best properties in the locality in our database.

Renting property

We can help you in renting a good property that is close to all kinds of amenities including schools, shops and public transportations. We are capable of negotiating well with the house owner and the client.

Property management

We offer property management services for our clients. We are able to do regular checkup s on your house to see if there is any faulty pipe or a broken window, etc. This kind of services relief a lot of pressure from our clients’ shoulders.

Property appraisal

Before a house can be up for sale, it must be appraised in order to know it’s current market price. We provide detailed property appraisal for our clients.

Finance Advice

You won’t be able to find the best deal on finance without the assistance of an expert. Let us help by putting you in touch with a professional home loan originator.

These services are provided by expert professionals. You will be able to sell or buy properties through us in a very short time.

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